August 2, 2020

The rain falls only on my umbrella

Cold winds

Chill me not

For I worry no more today

The rain could drench

And north wind howl

But I am warmed

In this favored cafe

I find words to say

To describe

An affect

On me

It’s love I see

That old familiar thing



July 24, 2020

When I am lonely then am I most often by myself

Wether part of a crowd

Wether in nature which is my sanctuary

Or searching for you

My future beloved

I look for my perfect church

With you

Awake in the morning

Greeting the sun as it wakens the day

My faith is renewed

Hope becomes a jewel I can’t grasp

But it’s there at daybreak

Until the stars burn


June 19, 2020

What’s wrong with our approach to honesty is that we approach it with the wrong intent for it to work at its best. Honesty does not hide anything, it is a time of communion of laying bare opinion, emotion and perhaps laying aside ego and clinging to the past. It’s hard to find two or more willing to participate equally. Honestly, it changes the soul to participate. Better to settle for not lying until ready.


June 19, 2020

All that nature can do for me

And to me

Is part of my special relationship with the elements

In recent days our friendship has been rekindled again

And this friendship is nothing new

Like meeting a soulmate

Seems like you’ve known each other for generations

We love nature because we have grown up in it

Become human in it

Found emotion

Especially love

In its embrace

Some of us are buried there

Or sent on the wind

Or water

Some of us wish to reincarnate there


June 15, 2020

What is life

With your love?

And before the first animals learned to care

What was life?

Love is a humane calling

It’s absence is felt in solders without family

Rabid animals


It’s presence is felt at the hearth

At the feasting table

And with our tribe

Love is family


June 14, 2020

Oceans of life

Storms of anxiety

Grasp the lines to sale away

A crowd can be lonely

Snapshots of lives

Find a smiling face and seek a friend


June 13, 2020

Be kind to yourself

You are living your life

As the only representative the universe has

Of you

Self is the most immediate benefactor of your devotion

And the universe the most thankful


June 13, 2020

Grass may be greener


it isn’t yours to tend

Fears and tears

June 6, 2020

I love you best of all who is about your changing

Not fighting or resigned to some notion of fate or bound to some notion of faith

But are mired sometimes in the serenity that is self possession

And not mired in other’s plans or pains or expectations

But your own person! Accountable to yourself and unashamed from within or without

I love you

I am you, or very close

You are a work in progress but you are your own work

Grieve only for the ignorant, the lost, the blinder wearer, the burden bearer

Not who you used to be

Not the past or future

Not your own beliefs about yourself

In fact you should grieve as much as you can for tears can release fears and fear guards tears


April 7, 2020

An angle’s name has changed

You were born so named

And take a clock of human frailty

But you do not give control over to others

As so many do

Stepping off any pedi stool you accept a crown of humility

Walk in gratitude

Hold a scepter of honesty

For yourself and to others

My dear angel

You taught me that I am almost you and you are almost me

And that that goes for humanity

Whom I now love

And once avoided