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 You have a wa…

February 21, 2012

You have a way’s to go yet before the end of my righting, this is my first serous righting, my other work can be found on my Facebook account. I hope you make no mistake, my observations are not meant to judge only to teach.

being a person, a human to me is a position in the universe. I don’t believe most of the teaching found because in a way we are all teachers to the ones who will listen and see, weather to emulate or avoid our example, that being said I live the reality that there is absolute truth in the universe, allow me to explane… as I observe, all things have beauty and… ugliness, strength and weakness ect two sides at least and often more dimensions than we can readily understand, as we advance in life we take two general paths which for lack of better words I would define as still and moving, most people are still, not totally still, like an ocean, a pond, a lake, their is much movement within each, others are like a stream, a river, a waterfall they see were they are going more than most and are actively working towards their objective.