Why am I in the middle?

I used to be, or considered myself a republican/ conservative/ moderate, that is looking back on my childhood for which I make no excuses, the mind of a child absorbs that which surrounds it… I have not rejected the political beliefs I was raised with, I have my own, these have been constructed over many years, the more I learn of politics the greater passion there is to know of such for a government is the reflection of its people, am I asking the question what is the Ideal state of government? No, I believe that the people untimely decide such for themselves, how we are governed depends greatly on how the individual approaches being governed, is such a subjective hierarchy? local counsel? a republic? people must choose for themselves, for unless anarchy is to ensue a government must be established, and maintained, why then do so many people rage of the injustices inflicted upon them by the government? If we are living in a nation governed by the people and the peoples will is not obeyed one could say we have only ourselves to blame for letting things become such, is that true? Is democracy out of reach? Are people capable of governing themselves? Old questions, telling ones also, for all the complaining people do there is greater substance to complain about, that would be the logical conclusion seeing that so little is done for complaint’s sake, if I am mistaken why are people so dissatisfied with the government? I wish there were easy answers to give, unfortunately it is far from enough to believe in something, it is what we do that matters, so I leave you with this question, what do you consider yourself to be? I’m not asking for a political party I ask what does government mean to you? And what is your role in such? Eathen Lord 


2 Responses to “Why am I in the middle?”

  1. Awexandwuh143 Says:

    I like this post. A lot.

  2. Grumpa Joe Says:

    To me the government provides military security, uniform roads, and air traffic control. Everything else, I will do by myself thank you. What does that make me? Libertarian is probably the closest philosophy I can match to,and Conservative is my second choice. There are no other choices that appeal to me.

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