Probably the best time to do that would have been several weeks ago, from a republican standpoint. What I want to know is why did they make this announcement publicly? I have to believe that the reason is because it is very clear to almost anyone who is following the various campaigns that there is only one strong possibility to win the nomination, Mitt Romney: while not my favorite among the republicans, it has become abundantly clear that he has an overwhelming lead and short of him dropping out is almost guaranteed the nomination. Why newt gingrich to make the announcement? maybe because he is in last place? or because they think it would improve the image of the party to make this long expected announcement? I know our president has raised more money than any one of the opposition and I would expect that as his name is so well known and the republicans have spent so much time hurting one another, that it will be a relativity easy win when he runs for reelection.  eathen lord


3 Responses to “Reelection?”

  1. vik34589 Says:

    Let’s hope not. …and thank you for liking one of my posts on my current events blog, Close Encounters”. Stay well.

  2. Grumpa Joe Says:

    Mitt Romney has the political strength and the leadership skill to do what we need done in government. He knows how to make difficult cost cutting decisions. He is what we need today, more than anything, to jump start the economy.

  3. eathen lord Says:

    I have become more optimistic of late with regards to Mr Romney’s chances of winning the election against our president, while he was not my favorite republican I have come to the difficult and sorrowful conclusion that almost anyone would do less harm to our country than our current president has and is doing, that being said I think that he still has a slim chance at best to win this election, I believe that the voting system has been compromised, that the election will be purchased for all intents and purposes and that our nation will become further divided as a result.

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