in silence stand we alone among our dead

when out of stillness our voice is heard above a whisper, to say, our time is now, the night indeed has fallen, we must awake the morning with our tears

in silence we remember the young man off to war for no renown or glory seek, with no cause or victory ,in sorrow we see them go, to war without end, or is the end in sight? No one knows, for no battle won seems an enemy to apprehend

is there an end to sorrow? Can anyone know? We sit by moving water, years become our lives, stillness and silence are all that remain.


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2 Responses to “Silence”

  1. Thaddeus Mishoe Says:

    Howdy: many thanks for using the time of composing up this info. I normally try and more my comprehension of items. No matter whether I consent or disagree, I like facts. I consider the old times when the only supply of knowledge was the library or the newspaper. They equally feel so old. Please Pardon my bad grammar : )

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