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May 10, 2012

love is a melody

it gets sweeter each passing day

as years become a symphony

its more and more enrapturing

for all our grief the heart is here to stay

for emotion felt and pain is symmetry

now go to sleep all who long to know

the why of life is mystery unknowable.


May 10, 2012


May 10, 2012

There is no thought that truly makes us… be,

we begin in life contemplating no mystery

our thoughts become by habit and maturity

directed to our present, future legacy


May 10, 2012

for my teacher, I will do nearly anything

before very long

you became

my hero


by so many

and finally by me

always admired

your advice

even before my parents

your counsel

I would desire.


May 10, 2012

Your too good to be great

good people do things for of themselves

great people do things because of others

for the most part

I can’t decide

how to define

how you inspire


or of you are more admired my me

thanks for the dilemma.


May 10, 2012

Is emotion more heart than the mind?

I mean the cause

do we think then we feel?

I hesitate to contemplate

this wonder.

earth angel

May 10, 2012

 My angel’s name has changed, because my name for him and her remains…fluid,



as my life expands…becomes, my Angel changes names, or has none

who I am is becoming more like who I want to be,

as for my friends, they define my humanity

by their thoughts

my human being is nourished,

an angel never chose a name

such defined by us

by how we become

and in time


come to see how we stand more and more alone amongst earthly friends.