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June 23, 2012

Breath in simplicity

breath out serenity

live in complexity

thrive in simplicity.


June 23, 2012

May the love in us reach to all the universe

may we learn to hate no one

striving to become, not tolerant,

instead understanding

and with it change our lives.

to people

June 22, 2012

To the people of earth

may your light illuminate the darkness in your Daley lives

may subtlety, grace and wisdom be near your thoughts today

let this moment be your becoming, what releases the stress of your day

may you be a blessing as others are blessed by you, and return the good

for all the negatives, let them alone

to be what darkness makes them to be

for the darkness is within, is suffering that one must use to learn

finally, allow love into your heart, let no one say someone is unlovable, even you

learn to love yourself, in time come to see your reflection in a stranger you once despised.  


June 22, 2012

if a optimist believes in what may be

if a pessimist believes in what will be

if a realist believes in what is

what am I?


at peace

June 22, 2012

Serenity never felt so good

adding the newness of my life

together with the hope that tomorrow brings

this time, this present

I am at peace

my world may crumble any time

still I have faith in this present, this being, this moment

I believe in the power of good intention, and bad

I will think only of good when wishing our lives change

one cannot truly plan for the future

never should ignore the past

happiness is found in how well we appreciate each moment

and so if we are to be

alive and well in society

little planning is necessary

the past can be a learning curve

one can not take time

only use it

so if you want to

use your time

getting money


don’t know what to say,

time is the greatest currency

friendship the richness of it

take time to become friends with yourself

then it is more likely friendship will come to you too.

nature song

June 21, 2012

Sing with me a song to the wind

rejoicing evermore after we are gone

a sound of earth

passion fire

water to keep us sound

meditate awhile with the waters of the ocean and the sky before it’s rain

there is always such to learn

and limitlessness to teach us

sound of fire is felt

in wilderness

the sojourner cries in pain

for no water is found

the earth parched

no wind has reached this resting place


June 12, 2012

sing to me a song from you

so that I

can remember the song in your heart

sing to me of the light in your life

send it over the phone, internet, in a card

send it on the wind

on the sunset


and yet we can see it on cloudy days

in time rain gives way to sunshine


let me know your not just fine

its not ok

I say this for myself

most days

are better than passing by

i’m only just getting by


I will send this question to you

on the wind, on the sunset

over the nets, in a card, over the wind and with the sunrise…

you’ll be ok,


better every day.


reflection on love

June 12, 2012


June 8, 2012

the night
with all time
magic is today,
may timeless being last awhile
this time
still beyond noiselessness
quiet beyond inertia
lord of nothing