I would like to talk about the difference between opposites

they are not opposing one another, as a rule they go hand in hand, more like two sides to the same coin

not as the maney diffrences people make for each other, black and white, salt and pepper, dark and light, such are only artifical and rather shallow shades of meaning. discuss?

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4 Responses to “ difference”

  1. jademwong Says:

    Interesting topic. To me, opposites are like yin and yang. They’re two parts of one thing, and one cannot exist without the other. For ex, light and dark. What is light except the absence of darkness? And what is darkness except the absence of light?

  2. daydreamsinwonderland Says:

    Opposites are interesting. However, it’s the “in-between” that I feel much of life falls into. For instance, you can say black and white are opposites..but when you look at the larger picture..what about gray? More importantly, the “gray area”. Think about that for a second. Guarantee it’ll have you thinking all day..

    • james carroway Says:

      I have spent whole days thinking about such things, know what? there is no point to it, there are some things that simply cannot be quantified, even the differences prove were more the same…

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