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November 19, 2012

to my love:

have you looked in the mirror today?

for that is what I love

that beautiful face holds

a soul so dear, so divine it seems…

I should be waking up anytime.



November 19, 2012

beautiful mind, or is the mind really what we call the soul?

what is better, to think or to feel?

isn’t life about balancing the two?

my love you balance me

nourish my heart and inspire my mind

I am completed because of you.




November 15, 2012

Facebook friends, and oh how isolated we pretend to be

looking at the wall

of someone we could never meet

because they don’t belong

so they hide behind the internet…

same as we all

for real now

telling the world that your with

the girl of your dreams

or boy

is painting this elevator wall

for a while

then its all gone

so what is the point of all this? why to be famous for an instant!



November 2, 2012