A Note from Autism #3

Blissed Life


People say that an overload of sensory output comes from an overload of sensory input.

Sure, that can be true. But sometimes I want you to understand that I don’t see my process of relieving my overload as disturbing and I don’t want you to either. It’s just my process. Some stuff in me isn’t pretty to look at. And, I’ve got to get it out. Other times, It’s just me sensing the world in the way I need to, in order to understand it.

What I would like is if you could help me to feel more at ease in my skin. Understand that what I eat and how I process toxins including the energy of judgment and ignorance add to the “overload” I experience.

Please feed me as if you were feeding an angel. Make me strong by feeding me foods with a strong vibration. And, help…

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