5.6% Unemployment Rate? Bunch Of Horse-Hockey!

Desert Musings

I always laugh when the Department of Labor comes out with the unemployment rate every month. I know it’s skewed to make the administration look good. Not just this administration. ALL administrations. They’ve played with the numbers, changed the definitions, screwed around with who is counted and who is not, that it’s basically a fictional account. It’s not real. It’s like the over-inflated number of “uninsured people” in this country. And finally, someone is complaining about it. Thank you Jim Clifton!

Jim is the CEO of Gallup…the poll people. And apparently, he’s had enough. He has an interesting post on their website, and I suggest you read it at http://www.gallup.com. Basically what it says is that there are upwards of 30 million people (which is just under 10%) unemployed. He points out why. If you’ve been out of work for say a month, and have stopped looking, you’re no longer…

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