Any Iranian Deal Is Doomed Before It Starts

Desert Musings

The push is on for Barack Obama to get a deal with the Iranians over their nuclear program. And the longer they wait, the more antsy he becomes and the more concessions he puts on the table. The reason? He’s got to have some sort of a deal before the end of March.

That was the deadline that the US Senate has placed on him to get a permanent deal in place that THEY could accept. He begged and pleaded with the Senate not to impose more or tougher sanctions because it would bury the talks, and I think he’s right. If that happened, Tehran would walk away. But I don’t think as long as sanctions aren’t imposed they’re going to and the reason is simple. They are getting more and more from the US every day that the talks are delayed.

I don’t know what Obama’s fascination is with…

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