Why Bother Giving Aid In The Middle East?

Desert Musings

I really feel for Kayla Mueller’s parents. Mueller is the 26 year old from Prescott, Arizona who, according to ISIS, was killed in those Jordanian air attacks earlier this past week. I feel for her parents because, as a parent, the middle east is the last place on earth I’d want one of my kids to be. Even though by all accounts, Kayla was one of the most giving people, and it was like her to go into harm’s way to help others.

That’s the problem I have with this region of the world. How many aid workers have been killed, maimed, injured, jailed, held hostage, or other-wise brutalized in the middle east? My question is, yes, while I understand that they are definitely in need to aid and help and living in caves is certainly no fun, what the hell are we doing there if they obviously don’t want…

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