Do you know anyone?

Do you know anyone?

I mean really know them, understand their story and what shaped them to be who they are?

When we look at a stranger we tend to judge them superficially and when we see someone making a scene we judge everyone involved.

we tend to judge the parents of crying children not realizing that we all cried for candy at that age

we judge people based on how much or how little money they make, however this tends to only matter to us if it is more or less than we make.

we judge people and assume we understand their story because there isn’t much to tell.

True we can sum up people in a nutshell, a few sentences, a few verbs and nouns, I can do that with only a look and be right almost all the time.

What I contend is that we are the details, we are the choices we make to change little things about our conduct that make us unequal as a species and as individuals.

I say that we all have worth if we try to do something with our lives and most people do try.

We tend to spend a great deal of energy thinking about things that don’t matter, what someone is wearing, how others look, how much more or less we are making than our neighbors, in what way does that affect us?

In what way does our worth increase or decrease based on others?

I ask again, do you know anyone? Really know anyone?

What about yourself?


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