Purr-ls of Wisdom


Betroth Mtn Sunset

Hello. My name isKaren Noel.
to Purrs-ls of Wisdom.

Loving two beings and getting to write and learn from them is truly a gift!   Spirit #1 is an amazing feline I have been incredibly blessed to share life on this earth with for 14 years!  For a vagabond like myself, if Satchmo was there it was where I felt at home.  She was a constant in the sea of my ever-changing gypsy life and we came to really love and truly understand and honor each other.  How blessed am I to have that continue now that she is on the other side and has become this blog’s original teacher?!  Just when I think I have seen all her tricks, more pop up each time she edits makes us laugh, and expand our thinking.

Satchmo’s brilliance allowed this conversation to grow from her experience of the afterlife, into possible ways to personally grow and understand the world around us. …

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