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These biodegradable computer chips are made from wood

July 22, 2015


What if I told you that we could make computer chips out of biodegradable wood, instead of the semiconducting materials like silicon that we currently use and then promptly dump in landfills? Would you call me a dirty hippie and tell me to get real? How about if Zhenqiang (Jack) Ma, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin, told you?

According to MIT Technology Review, Ma and his colleagues have indeed made such a chip:

The inventors argue that the new chips could help address the global problem of rapidly accumulating electronic waste, some of which contains potentially toxic materials. The results also show that a transparent, wood-derived material called nanocellulose paper is an attractive alternative to plastic as a surface for flexible electronics. …

In two recent demonstrations, Ma and his colleagues showed they can use nanocellulose as the support layer for radio frequency circuits that…

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Crossing Over. . . A Cat’s Eye View

July 20, 2015


Crossing Over. . . a cat’s eye view.

A cat's eye view

Karen Noel:

Before we begin I would like to share something Satchmo reminded both Karen Nowak and I about, do NOT beat yourself up about anything in your past.

Karen Nowak once said to me, “The Past Has An Expiration Date”.  That is now a bumper sticker on my car!

Now that I have shared a bit of Satchmo’s wisdom, on to her dying experience. . .

Crossing Over

rainbow bridge

Death, Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, Crossing Over, etc.
What did you experience as you died and crossed into Spirit?


I didn’t immediately realize what was happening. I knew, but I didn’t remember, what it was like to return to the world beyond this one.
I hadn’t quite let go of identifying with my physical body as the process took place. It took a bit for that to happen, to completely embrace and…

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