Crossing Over. . . A Cat’s Eye View


Crossing Over. . . a cat’s eye view.

A cat's eye view

Karen Noel:

Before we begin I would like to share something Satchmo reminded both Karen Nowak and I about, do NOT beat yourself up about anything in your past.

Karen Nowak once said to me, “The Past Has An Expiration Date”.  That is now a bumper sticker on my car!

Now that I have shared a bit of Satchmo’s wisdom, on to her dying experience. . .

Crossing Over

rainbow bridge

Death, Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, Crossing Over, etc.
What did you experience as you died and crossed into Spirit?


I didn’t immediately realize what was happening. I knew, but I didn’t remember, what it was like to return to the world beyond this one.
I hadn’t quite let go of identifying with my physical body as the process took place. It took a bit for that to happen, to completely embrace and…

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