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August 18, 2015

David was the greatest pacman player that ever lived.  His father brought a consul home one day from work, he was a repairman and had a hobby for classic games. For years David spent a lot of time and money at the local arcade even getting himself multiple part time jobs to sustain his appetite, due to extreme deference to his father also a gaming enthusiast he was careful not to gain a greater score than him, his father never went to the arcade anymore but used to in his teens and had set the arcades high score record that stood unbroken, David knew he could easily beat the impressive score, however even after his fathers death something held him back, too many shared memories in the same place although his father seldom came in when picking him up after school. David started high school still spending lots of time after school at the arcade but as his circle began influencing him he found more common interests and the arcade became, as with his father found memories of early teenage hood. As the years passed the arcade was all but forgotten and he completed high school with honors and many friends, deciding to stay home to help his mother move, one night after reminiscing with his mother about good times with dad he was reminded of the day pacman was brought into his life, so after dinner he went into the cellar and found were it had been stored, his family made considerable money off selling things in yard sales so the cellar was finished and in excellent condition also he realized looking down at it that his mother had taken very good care of pacman as his father had, so he plugged it in and within a few weeks had surpassed his fathers score at the arcade and broke his own record many times, as the sale of the house neared he started pushing himself and his score reached millions, he never checked what the high score was for the world and went off to collage, got married and lived a relatively normal life thereafter. His mother took the consul with her as a reminder of her late husband, eventually remarrying a widower whose children loved packman and lovingly cleaned and maintained it for many years, in time she died and the counsel passed onto others, its original ownership obscured and forgotten, falling into disrepair it was eventually found when a condemned house was being demolished, one of the workmen ventured to a shed and found it. He almost cried for the first time outside a funeral for this was the counsel he had lovingly maintained in his youth, never daring to even power up such a relic, he called the others and they carried it to a power supply. When it was plugged in they checked the high score, upon seeing it the man who had discovered it couldn’t believe his eyes, all his life he had assumed it was an old collectors item from some arcade but now all that came undone, someone had cheated and defiled his machine,  in a fit of anger he unplugged the consul refusing to believe a score so high could be gotten, on his way to the dumpster still conflicted on weather to take it home or destroy it he met his supervisor David.

These carbon-hungry blobs could help fix our oceans

August 5, 2015