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Heat Death

December 30, 2015

This universe will end because of heat death. Do you trust scientist? All the research I have done ( Light research ) indicates that this is the answer to the question of how the universe and presumably all life will end, energy will stop moving and things will get cold. So, do you trust scientists? I trust observation and deduction like Sherlock Homes, consider this the advances that we humans have made indicate a trajectory of advancing technology and there is strong evidence that humanity will be able to advance itself, imagine  if all diseases where cured and world hunger was at an end ect what would be our next challenge?

Immortality seems to be a foreseeable objective, something that has been sought for much of recorded history and now may be within a century of realization for the masses and much less than that for the rich. Could this be a part of the puzzle? If we had much longer lifetimes then we could work together much more effectively and time would lose much of its scarcity in everyday life. From here this world would become organized and we would be able to accomplish expediently more until we started living out what is now science fiction. My point is that we humans have always surprised ourselves and we should not look to the end of the universe for answers because there is reason for hope right here.

Observation is what we do

December 30, 2015

Observation is what humans do, so why are we so judgementl about it? People need to output their take on the world to see where they fit in or just to add their two cents, why do we spend so much time on criticism ? Is one persons input better than another’s? Sometimes but instead of holding others and ourselves back by telling all about the wrong and wasting lots of time, ask yourself “how is this helping me”? Or if your feeling generous ask how is this helping _______ because when it comes down to the truth we are individuals living in a society not a collective and the individual is selfish, which is a good thing because if we spent half the time on others that is expected then we would be unhappy. Humans have always wanted to be happy and be together so why can’t we seem to find a way to do this?