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April 7, 2020

An angle’s name has changed

You were born so named

And take a clock of human frailty

But you do not give control over to others

As so many do

Stepping off any pedi stool you accept a crown of humility

Walk in gratitude

Hold a scepter of honesty

For yourself and to others

My dear angel

You taught me that I am almost you and you are almost me

And that that goes for humanity

Whom I now love

And once avoided

Happy with me

April 29, 2019

I’m happy with me

So I’m never alone

I’m happy with you

Just being in

The same room

So glad to share our lives

Pleased to be mutually loved

I like you

Love is famly

April 29, 2019

Love makes a family


Love makes a family

a family

Blessed be

Control lost

April 29, 2019

We hate to fall in love

Falling is



We love to love

To connect



Is not love

Flying is what we can do together.


July 18, 2013


November 19, 2012

to my love:

have you looked in the mirror today?

for that is what I love

that beautiful face holds

a soul so dear, so divine it seems…

I should be waking up anytime.


thanking me

October 24, 2012

Don’t be thanking me for falling in love, falling in love with you, look within that heart so dear and dear you’ll love her too.

I know its not much, yet every day, I’m drawing closer to you, and every day my joy is made a little surer by you.

So be my friend and so much more, if you feel the way I do, perhaps someday oh happy day, we both will say, I do.    

precious soul

July 22, 2012

You are the eternal optimist in my world

dear one

some might say this makes you naive

I happen to know

you are wise beyond your years

and that makes the assumption so much an assumption

you are kind beyond common virtue

and graceful as any dancer when you choose to be

blessings become you

precious soul

as blessed are we who are around you

more like a saint than a saint could know how to be

lovelier than a painter could bring or a writer record for history