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August 2, 2020

The rain falls only on my umbrella

Cold winds

Chill me not

For I worry no more today

The rain could drench

And north wind howl

But I am warmed

In this favored cafe

I find words to say

To describe

An affect

On me

It’s love I see

That old familiar thing



June 19, 2020

What’s wrong with our approach to honesty is that we approach it with the wrong intent for it to work at its best. Honesty does not hide anything, it is a time of communion of laying bare opinion, emotion and perhaps laying aside ego and clinging to the past. It’s hard to find two or more willing to participate equally. Honestly, it changes the soul to participate. Better to settle for not lying until ready.


June 19, 2020

All that nature can do for me

And to me

Is part of my special relationship with the elements

In recent days our friendship has been rekindled again

And this friendship is nothing new

Like meeting a soulmate

Seems like you’ve known each other for generations

We love nature because we have grown up in it

Become human in it

Found emotion

Especially love

In its embrace

Some of us are buried there

Or sent on the wind

Or water

Some of us wish to reincarnate there


June 13, 2020

Be kind to yourself

You are living your life

As the only representative the universe has

Of you

Self is the most immediate benefactor of your devotion

And the universe the most thankful

Loving you

May 7, 2019

Sleep beside me dear

Sleep well

For rest is it’s own reward

May your dreams be of benefit

Mind untroubled

Awake refreshed

Loving you more


May 7, 2019

Life is no mystery

Suffer no anxiety

You change in time my dear

Cross to the heart of Styx

Swim ashore renewed

Inner alter

May 4, 2019

I love you so very much

That I

Would prefer you love you more than me

Oh love

Your affection begins with you

The inner alter is devoted to no one more worthy

Than the source

The individual

Turn your love inward and dedicate your heart to praise

Love in nature

April 30, 2019

Tired of things that last

Only awhile

Seeing isn’t believing

And memories grow dim

Love and fear inspire us to find our way

From danger to nurturing embrace

First love is seldom a thing to avoid

First broken…heart

Is mended in time

Love in nature teaches us what dangers to ignore

Love missed blues

April 29, 2019

Ive had this feeling called the blues

Since my heart was rent in two

I don’t know what I do

All I do is stay around

And cry

Not such a beautiful dream

Can’t accept it’s over

In the realm of dream

I’m still so used to her somehow

And I’m my own sugar daddy now

still lonesome

I’ve got them love missed blues

I’ve been in love

Been in love

with a beautiful soul

That’s why I’m feeling this way

I’m still in love

still in love

With her beautiful soul

and she might care about me

Yes I tried

Yes we tried

To keep us satisfied

But she don’t care about


That’s why I’m weeping

And cry the night through

And this is all I should say

I have a feeling it’s the blues

As my darlings says goodby

I don’t know what I wouldn’t do

can’t sit around and cry

All day through

I’ve grown so used to me in time

Being my only sauger daddy now

think I’ll stay on

Without these love missed blues

Eathen Grey

Poem inspired by lovesick blues as recorded by Tom Hiddleston


April 29, 2019

And I loved her madly

That madness is…

What love can inspire


I try to love without barriers


Without any additions or distractions

Just human to human


And lovers in love