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December 19, 2016

I want you to believe in love

I want you to believe

want you to practice your beliefs

make them your own

your not my child but you are a child

no matter your age

you can grow

no time of year is bleak

not the middle of winter

nor the midst of black despair

do not revel in anything all year round

joy, grief, pain, bliss, loss

all belong

do not give into old age on nature’s terms

if its not in your heart to do so

gather your family in from the cold

and stay by the hearth if its warmth you seek


loved by you

February 9, 2015

I know of no greater thing than this, to love and be loved by you

this world may value the wealth I bring but joy and contentment is what you offer in reply

we want to be happy and we want power but few know that one delivers the other.


January 23, 2015

Ceaseless joy
That is the thing that joy can be
For a moment or forever
That is what a moment can be too.


June 26, 2013

to know love is to know you are loved and to know this is a comfort and a joy, realize you are lovable and you will begin this journey were its beginning should be.

thanking me

October 24, 2012

Don’t be thanking me for falling in love, falling in love with you, look within that heart so dear and dear you’ll love her too.

I know its not much, yet every day, I’m drawing closer to you, and every day my joy is made a little surer by you.

So be my friend and so much more, if you feel the way I do, perhaps someday oh happy day, we both will say, I do.