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Love missed blues

April 29, 2019

Ive had this feeling called the blues

Since my heart was rent in two

I don’t know what I do

All I do is stay around

And cry

Not such a beautiful dream

Can’t accept it’s over

In the realm of dream

I’m still so used to her somehow

And I’m my own sugar daddy now

still lonesome

I’ve got them love missed blues

I’ve been in love

Been in love

with a beautiful soul

That’s why I’m feeling this way

I’m still in love

still in love

With her beautiful soul

and she might care about me

Yes I tried

Yes we tried

To keep us satisfied

But she don’t care about


That’s why I’m weeping

And cry the night through

And this is all I should say

I have a feeling it’s the blues

As my darlings says goodby

I don’t know what I wouldn’t do

can’t sit around and cry

All day through

I’ve grown so used to me in time

Being my only sauger daddy now

think I’ll stay on

Without these love missed blues

Eathen Grey

Poem inspired by lovesick blues as recorded by Tom Hiddleston

Blankets and bathtubs

April 29, 2019

At first I think we have all the comfort and hopefully the serenity we wish for

I mean

How much can a growing baby ask for?

What does it want?

We want

We seek comfort not just for our circumstances but from

Our past

And from beliefs of the future

That are mostly from the past

I guess that’s why we like blankets and bathtubs…

Happy with me

April 29, 2019

I’m happy with me

So I’m never alone

I’m happy with you

Just being in

The same room

So glad to share our lives

Pleased to be mutually loved

I like you

Love is famly

April 29, 2019

Love makes a family


Love makes a family

a family

Blessed be

Love religion

April 29, 2019

Love could be a religion

A best of humanity religion

That’s what it does

Brings out our best

It’s the reason behind so many of our aspirations, triumphs and tries

It’s perfect that way

Makes us believe in us

Homo Saipan

Love aspire

April 29, 2019

Love is not worthy of the words we place upon her perfect shoulders

Love is happy to be beloved, he has no agenda

Love takes the shape of all of our beloved

When love is waned fighting is waxed

Love knows no heartache nor causes any such thing, humans know best how to mend and rend that organ.


December 19, 2016

I want you to believe in love

I want you to believe

want you to practice your beliefs

make them your own

your not my child but you are a child

no matter your age

you can grow

no time of year is bleak

not the middle of winter

nor the midst of black despair

do not revel in anything all year round

joy, grief, pain, bliss, loss

all belong

do not give into old age on nature’s terms

if its not in your heart to do so

gather your family in from the cold

and stay by the hearth if its warmth you seek

loved by you

February 9, 2015

I know of no greater thing than this, to love and be loved by you

this world may value the wealth I bring but joy and contentment is what you offer in reply

we want to be happy and we want power but few know that one delivers the other.


January 23, 2015

Ceaseless joy
That is the thing that joy can be
For a moment or forever
That is what a moment can be too.


June 26, 2013

to know love is to know you are loved and to know this is a comfort and a joy, realize you are lovable and you will begin this journey were its beginning should be.