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bright life

August 8, 2012

Your life, shines brighter than you know

I’m sure your told this often

I want you to know

from me, I realize this anew every morning

when I see understanding, sympathy, empathy, virtue

and yes, love I know these things come from inside me,

am reminded of the many ways you live these words

esp how you taught them to others,

what a privilege to have you in my memory

what a blessing to have you in my heart

what a joyfulness it is to see you,

your life is too great for one place

and your legacy, for this time

our deeds are older than we know

our faith is grounded in mystery

the world in harmony, whether we see it,

outside our lifetime, we play our part.


May 10, 2012

There is no thought that truly makes us… be,

we begin in life contemplating no mystery

our thoughts become by habit and maturity

directed to our present, future legacy