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February 18, 2020

Love has been life’s main ambition

To be loved it’s greatest aspiration

Dear Mentor

December 11, 2019

I’m in love with life

and to a love of my life

I thank you

Showing me

How to free myself

Was hard

Balm to the soul weary

Dear mentor

You were my savior

I learned not to worship you

Upon a pedestal

For you are human

And you taught me that I am too

I could offer you riches someday

And I know better

Your reward has already been given to me

I cherish life almost every day

Thank you for being a friend



July 24, 2019

Love yourself as you love another

And for all others


This is the first commandment

Being human

Be human and let others be

Correct as a lesson

Not as punishment

Let empathy be your rule book

And humanity your teacher

Loving you

May 7, 2019

Sleep beside me dear

Sleep well

For rest is it’s own reward

May your dreams be of benefit

Mind untroubled

Awake refreshed

Loving you more

Keep faith

May 7, 2019

Keep not the faith

Even if it be your heritage

Keep faith in what you love

And make your love equal to its rewards

Inner alter

May 4, 2019

I love you so very much

That I

Would prefer you love you more than me

Oh love

Your affection begins with you

The inner alter is devoted to no one more worthy

Than the source

The individual

Turn your love inward and dedicate your heart to praise

Madness falling madly

May 4, 2019

I’m not madly in love with you

Felt like falling

Didn’t at all

I’m mad for love

And I do love you

Like madness set my soul on fire

like I would drown without the light of you

Madness has never been about desire

Not even love

Just things that get in the way

Just things that complicate, distract or repress

That is human’s fault

Gates and walls

May 3, 2019

Be afraid to be a fanatic

To believe in absolutes

And power as an end to itself

And force as an early resort

Be not afraid to love one another

To trust and believe

In each other

As if they are your friend

And of goodwill

A community that opens its gates lets its walls come down

Becoming is not to be feared

Mending walls

April 30, 2019

Building walls

That must be mended

Produces an atmosphere

Of distrust

In others

Against others

A fence keeps the animals at bay

And keeps us neighborly

Mend fences

Don’t build walls

Love in nature

April 30, 2019

Tired of things that last

Only awhile

Seeing isn’t believing

And memories grow dim

Love and fear inspire us to find our way

From danger to nurturing embrace

First love is seldom a thing to avoid

First broken…heart

Is mended in time

Love in nature teaches us what dangers to ignore