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June 23, 2016

boxes of memory

in our attics and on the mantel

in urnes

freedom doesn’t come free and oh how the ignorant like to scorn

we don’t hate mankind as we get old

just hate parts of life I suppose

boxes of memory

gathered in urnes as we become old

twenty one

November 5, 2013

Old things
Are like new
And like the new
Old can be new


August 3, 2012

Some people say,

life ends up this way

we all end up alone

living in some nursing home

I plan to be alive and well

when I am old enough to die

this is the optimism of an old soul who is young

I know I can die

any time

still we all hope to be happy at the end

to have someone, besides the staff

besides family

a love into old age

and into the grave…

I know what I feel are the doubts of a young man

along the lines of the vision of an older man

knowing something about life, as I do…

living alone is to suffer

dying alone without a companion soul

is sorrow…