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January 8, 2017

A storm awaits us when we enter the wild, willful place we call the world

it is callous, cruel and unutterably cold

but like nature we find our way to places we call home

places of mother, father and warmth

places that belong with us


as we are older the person we want to be finds home

or we live alone

for home is people, not brick and mortar

not work

and best labor is because we love somebody


Observation is what we do

December 30, 2015

Observation is what humans do, so why are we so judgementl about it? People need to output their take on the world to see where they fit in or just to add their two cents, why do we spend so much time on criticism ? Is one persons input better than another’s? Sometimes but instead of holding others and ourselves back by telling all about the wrong and wasting lots of time, ask yourself “how is this helping me”? Or if your feeling generous ask how is this helping _______ because when it comes down to the truth we are individuals living in a society not a collective and the individual is selfish, which is a good thing because if we spent half the time on others that is expected then we would be unhappy. Humans have always wanted to be happy and be together so why can’t we seem to find a way to do this?


January 26, 2015

your life and mine mean more to us in the future than they do now

we are our history

when our capacity for self improvement is exhausted what then?

maybe history is not all old books and story’s of other people, we are other people.


August 26, 2012

Beauty is to look to

the reflection in the mirror

if one is wise

can be the reflection of the eyes

looking back to say

your lovely,

too many people

look to others and say…

I’m not good enough for him

I’m not good enough for her

what could they see in me?

Discover the worth in you

others will then see it too.


August 3, 2012

Some people say,

life ends up this way

we all end up alone

living in some nursing home

I plan to be alive and well

when I am old enough to die

this is the optimism of an old soul who is young

I know I can die

any time

still we all hope to be happy at the end

to have someone, besides the staff

besides family

a love into old age

and into the grave…

I know what I feel are the doubts of a young man

along the lines of the vision of an older man

knowing something about life, as I do…

living alone is to suffer

dying alone without a companion soul

is sorrow…


April 19, 2012

happiness is like a river, the more one gives to others the happier the people surrounding them tend to be, the more someone appreciates and rejoices in such affect the more fulfilled they are with their accomplishments, some people need a pond of their own to reflect in, so that they can be reminded that their good deeds enrich themselves at least as much as others.