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Happy with me

April 29, 2019

I’m happy with me

So I’m never alone

I’m happy with you

Just being in

The same room

So glad to share our lives

Pleased to be mutually loved

I like you

Time to change now

April 29, 2019

Time to grow


Time to change

Time to be


Be the change

And your good enough


Love religion

April 29, 2019

Love could be a religion

A best of humanity religion

That’s what it does

Brings out our best

It’s the reason behind so many of our aspirations, triumphs and tries

It’s perfect that way

Makes us believe in us

Homo Saipan


June 23, 2012

Breath in simplicity

breath out serenity

live in complexity

thrive in simplicity.

at peace

June 22, 2012

Serenity never felt so good

adding the newness of my life

together with the hope that tomorrow brings

this time, this present

I am at peace

my world may crumble any time

still I have faith in this present, this being, this moment

I believe in the power of good intention, and bad

I will think only of good when wishing our lives change

one cannot truly plan for the future

never should ignore the past

happiness is found in how well we appreciate each moment

and so if we are to be

alive and well in society

little planning is necessary

the past can be a learning curve

one can not take time

only use it

so if you want to

use your time

getting money


don’t know what to say,

time is the greatest currency

friendship the richness of it

take time to become friends with yourself

then it is more likely friendship will come to you too.