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hard to say I love you

July 17, 2013

sounds like a song

its so hard to say I love you

three simple words 

that mean the world could change for you.



best song

September 15, 2012

music is to love

what lyrics are to music

you put a song in my heart

that makes me want to put words to it

you are the music

I wright the lyrics

you are the song

I feel the melody

sing this song to me

not with eloquence

nor as they say is rime

but your own style, own heart, yours to define


June 12, 2012

sing to me a song from you

so that I

can remember the song in your heart

sing to me of the light in your life

send it over the phone, internet, in a card

send it on the wind

on the sunset


and yet we can see it on cloudy days

in time rain gives way to sunshine


let me know your not just fine

its not ok

I say this for myself

most days

are better than passing by

i’m only just getting by


I will send this question to you

on the wind, on the sunset

over the nets, in a card, over the wind and with the sunrise…

you’ll be ok,


better every day.