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The Assange standoff

August 16, 2012

When wiki leaks published us government secrets some months ago, Julian Assange came to the forefront of public attention. Since then he has been accused of sexual assault on two wiki leak volunteers and has been granted asylum by Ecuador, since he has asked another country for political protection, there is little help his native Australia can offer and the London police while reluctant for obvious reasons to arrest him are waiting just outside and have said they are determined to extradite him to Sweden. While the embassy has no way to bring a car into its sovereign territory and thereby bring him to an airport, if a helicopter could be flown over the building perhaps there wouldn’t be a problem at all, simply lower a ladder have him clime aboard and head for an airport. So long as the aircraft belonged to Ecuador, other nations would have no jurisdiction. Perhaps this isn’t the ideal solution but it might bring an end to a difficult political situation, and let all concerned get on with their lives.