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Idle hands

May 4, 2019

Pray for me

For this world

For humanity

And for God too

Idle hands do his work too

Others folded in prayer do the other’s work too

Pray for the soul to grow sweeter and our hearts to know praise

Admire the Morningstar and Samael

And pay all of them their due

Madness falling madly

May 4, 2019

I’m not madly in love with you

Felt like falling

Didn’t at all

I’m mad for love

And I do love you

Like madness set my soul on fire

like I would drown without the light of you

Madness has never been about desire

Not even love

Just things that get in the way

Just things that complicate, distract or repress

That is human’s fault

Life is

May 4, 2019

Life is

A game

A play

A tragedy

A triumph

Journey, destiny, experience, and our friend

Peace be unto all

To you

To me

Gates and walls

May 3, 2019

Be afraid to be a fanatic

To believe in absolutes

And power as an end to itself

And force as an early resort

Be not afraid to love one another

To trust and believe

In each other

As if they are your friend

And of goodwill

A community that opens its gates lets its walls come down

Becoming is not to be feared

Gaining insight

April 30, 2019

An old favorite movie

To watch without popcorn, whiskey or surprise

But insight can be gained

More than the first time through


April 30, 2019

Ever had a panic attack?

I have been blessed with only one such learning experience

Filled me with dread

Lasted several minutes

And stopped as quickly as it began

Solved nothing

That’s the body for you…

I was asleep when it started so

Couldn’t be stopped once it began

Anxiety is a bit more common

It begins with too much

Or no plan for dealing with

Too much to do

Or not taking meds




Mending walls

April 30, 2019

Building walls

That must be mended

Produces an atmosphere

Of distrust

In others

Against others

A fence keeps the animals at bay

And keeps us neighborly

Mend fences

Don’t build walls

Love in nature

April 30, 2019

Tired of things that last

Only awhile

Seeing isn’t believing

And memories grow dim

Love and fear inspire us to find our way

From danger to nurturing embrace

First love is seldom a thing to avoid

First broken…heart

Is mended in time

Love in nature teaches us what dangers to ignore

Death and liveliness

April 30, 2019

Come alive

Come to be alive

Living forgoes death

Liveliness forgives dying

Love missed blues

April 29, 2019

Ive had this feeling called the blues

Since my heart was rent in two

I don’t know what I do

All I do is stay around

And cry

Not such a beautiful dream

Can’t accept it’s over

In the realm of dream

I’m still so used to her somehow

And I’m my own sugar daddy now

still lonesome

I’ve got them love missed blues

I’ve been in love

Been in love

with a beautiful soul

That’s why I’m feeling this way

I’m still in love

still in love

With her beautiful soul

and she might care about me

Yes I tried

Yes we tried

To keep us satisfied

But she don’t care about


That’s why I’m weeping

And cry the night through

And this is all I should say

I have a feeling it’s the blues

As my darlings says goodby

I don’t know what I wouldn’t do

can’t sit around and cry

All day through

I’ve grown so used to me in time

Being my only sauger daddy now

think I’ll stay on

Without these love missed blues

Eathen Grey

Poem inspired by lovesick blues as recorded by Tom Hiddleston