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April 7, 2020

An angle’s name has changed

You were born so named

And take a clock of human frailty

But you do not give control over to others

As so many do

Stepping off any pedi stool you accept a crown of humility

Walk in gratitude

Hold a scepter of honesty

For yourself and to others

My dear angel

You taught me that I am almost you and you are almost me

And that that goes for humanity

Whom I now love

And once avoided


July 24, 2019

Love is sanity itself


Let ourselves complicate life with

Abstraction, distraction


Love and it’s other face


Are the reality behind meaning

Apathy, indifference, contempt

These are evil gifts from one person to another

Gifts of absence


July 24, 2019

Love yourself as you love another

And for all others


This is the first commandment

Being human

Be human and let others be

Correct as a lesson

Not as punishment

Let empathy be your rule book

And humanity your teacher


June 12, 2019

You are who… we all are

An individual

Don’t get in your own way

Where you are is not to be compared to where you hope to be

Don’t fight for peace, work for clarity

You are a self improvement project, don’t rush it.

Our guide

May 8, 2019

Living is the only real religion

Want our guide

Change the only thing to observe

Your life

May 7, 2019

Tomorrow is the shape of you

You choose

What you want to do and what you must

Your life

Is your responsibility

And makeing

Loving you

May 7, 2019

Sleep beside me dear

Sleep well

For rest is it’s own reward

May your dreams be of benefit

Mind untroubled

Awake refreshed

Loving you more


May 7, 2019

Life is no mystery

Suffer no anxiety

You change in time my dear

Cross to the heart of Styx

Swim ashore renewed

Inner alter

May 4, 2019

I love you so very much

That I

Would prefer you love you more than me

Oh love

Your affection begins with you

The inner alter is devoted to no one more worthy

Than the source

The individual

Turn your love inward and dedicate your heart to praise

Dogma tribe

May 4, 2019

Study dogma if you must

Practice the message as best you can

Be the message

Don’t preach

At least not at people

Rather for or to them

Never criticize another only for being an other

Don’t other them for your tribes sake