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The sway of words

November 18, 2016

I weep in the sway of words I love so much

Your names are mystery, poetry, grace and somewhere to belong when all others fade away upon the shores of memories you remain imprinted upon the enigma that my soul longs to fulfill

You help us to evolve and have taught us to carry on, that we are not hunters striving to escape the depth of primal nature, that there is nothing to avoid only master within us all

I weep for Mother Nature and children starving for the hearths of old, though fed and fond of words and food and pleasure will never know adventure as the days grow cold,

we are wiser now and play the fool today,

tomorrow as yesteryear story’s may again grow bold.


hard to say I love you

July 17, 2013

sounds like a song

its so hard to say I love you

three simple words 

that mean the world could change for you.



June 26, 2013

silence tells more than words, we are not words, our life is reflected in still drops of memories.