Some people say,

life ends up this way

we all end up alone

living in some nursing home

I plan to be alive and well

when I am old enough to die

this is the optimism of an old soul who is young

I know I can die

any time

still we all hope to be happy at the end

to have someone, besides the staff

besides family

a love into old age

and into the grave…

I know what I feel are the doubts of a young man

along the lines of the vision of an older man

knowing something about life, as I do…

living alone is to suffer

dying alone without a companion soul

is sorrow…


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5 Responses to “fated?”

  1. jademwong Says:

    I love this one, it leaves a wonderful message, and it takes a journey from the beginning to the end. I like the subtle rhyming throughout. Very nicely done.

  2. daydreamsinwonderland Says:

    Like your writing style. Poetry is an old love of mine. Haven’t done it in a while. This is beautiful. Keep writing. 🙂

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